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We Are What We Were
  Some 50,000 years ago women were gathering while men were hunting. This primeval division of labor is the wellspring of many of the behavioral oddities that separate the genders today. - go to article -

Hackers Feast on Complacency
  A highly organized ring of hackers has stolen more than a million credit card numbers over the past few months from commercial Web sites across the United States. The hackers have tried to blackmail businesses by threatening public embarrassment if the companies did not pay them or at least hire them to fix their systems. - go to article -

Scientist Proposes Mad Cow Theory
  A veterinary scientist has proposed a new theory for the origin of mad cow disease, saying he believes it likely came from a wild animal commonly found outside Britain that was chopped up for cattle feed in England. - go to article -

  The European single currency with legal value since the 1st January 1999. The first euro bank-notes and coins will be put into circulation in January 2002, and from the 1st March 2002 the old national currencies will cease to be legal tender. - go to article -

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  Today's tip
excuse (oneself) (for) * apologize (for)/make an apology
- I've apologized for/made an apology for my rudeness.
  (Not *excused myself for*)
  (= said I'm sorry)
- I really can't excuse myself for the way I behaved towards you last night.
  (= provide acceptable reasons)
- I can't excuse such behaviour.
  (= find a justification for, forgive)
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Mark Twain - The adventures of Tom Sawyer

concise grammar
The noun - Classification; The gender; The verb - The Present Tense; The Past Tense; The Future Tense; The Future-in-the-Past Tense

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